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DIVORCE: How do you divide up Superannuation?

  • March 9, 2020

DIVORCE: How do you divide up Superannuation? For many Australians, Superannuation is one of the most valuable assets they own. Consequently, the right to seek a division of Superannuation and the process by which it is done often becomes a critical part of the asset division following any relationship breakdown.  Here are some of the…

DIVORCE: Liars Beware!  

  • February 10, 2020

DIVORCE: Liars Beware! For many persons facing a relationship breakdown, there is often great worry that the other (now ex) spouse will give in to all of the negativity of the separation and unleash a tirade of abuse and untruths. Although abuse can be very confronting, it is generally easy enough to spot and it…

Can you leave children home alone?

  • January 13, 2020

Can you leave children home alone? The twelve (or more) weeks of school holidays each year are undoubtedly a great time for family fun and relaxation. That same time of course often poses a real challenge for full time working parents. The solution often involves relying on others for support and maybe even considering leaving…

11 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Good Family Lawyer

  • December 17, 2019

11 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD HIRE A GOOD FAMILY LAWYER Are you in the midst of a relationship breakdown? Any Family Lawyer will tell you that the law is complex and there are many unwritten rules. Both are good reasons to hire a Family Lawyer but here’s 11 reasons why you need a good Family…

Put And Call Options

  • November 13, 2019

PUT AND CALL OPTIONS Put and Call Options are a special type of contract commonly used by land developers. In the most typical scenario, the developer is also a home builder who will use a Put and Call Option to secure the exclusive right to buy a property from its existing owner at a set/fixed…

New Smoking Prohibitions in Body Corporates

  • October 1, 2019

NEW SMOKING PROHIBITIONS IN BODY CORPORATES  At present, Body Corporates (BC’s) are covered by the general anti-smoking regulations that state that no one can smoke within 4 meters of any pedestrian public entrance point and nowhere inside the unit if it is a place of business. Beyond those restrictions however, there was not, until now,…

Retaining Walls

  • September 22, 2019

RETAINING WALLS A retaining wall is a structure designed to hold up an embankment of soil which has been artificially created following either the cutting and excavation or back filling of a sloped allotment of land. In most cases the earthworks are performed to create a more usable level platform of soil for building construction….

Separation for persons in de facto relationships

  • September 10, 2019

For persons who are in a de facto relationship, there is no need to make any application for a divorce order. If the parties to the de facto relationship had registered their relationship with the Queensland Births Deaths and Marriages office, then an application to deregister the relationship must me filed with that Government Department…

Sexually Transmitted Debt

  • August 31, 2019

Sexually Transmitted Debt New relationships often carry the excitement and anticipation of discovering what hopefully will be rich mix of many common interests and values combined with admirable differences. However sometimes, along with all of the positives, comes the shock discovery that the new man or woman is riddled with debt! Whether the new partner’s…

Executors Questions Answered

  • August 8, 2019

On the 7th of August Zande Law ran a seminar on ‘Executors Questions Answered’. A big thank you to all of our guests. Judging from feedback, all information was well received. Watch out for upcoming seminars!