About Us

Unless you are a trained lawyer, it would be very difficult to know you are getting high quality legal services at a reasonable price.


Any client of Zande Law can count on the absolute dedication & commitment from every member of our team to provide…..
  • Technical Excellence

    Only a small proportion of the law gives a black or white answer to a particular problem and usually that type of law carries sudden death consequences which are permanent and irreversible. The remainder of the law predominantly contains the thousands of shades of grey between what is right and what is wrong which within themselves carry their own risks usually in the form of uncertainty. Whether the answer to a problem is black letter law or a question of fact and degree, there is really no substitute for experience and dedication to excellence from the law firm hired to do the job. Being able to properly appraise the issues which require resolution and maintaining a full knowledge base about the relevant laws and how they are to be applied is critical to the solving of problems in the most effective, timely and cost efficient manner. Our solicitors and all of our professional staff at Zande Law are well versed in these abilities and remain completely committed towards maintaining this required knowledge base.

  • Tenacity

    We’re not afraid of hard work – our clients are counting on it and our business depends on it. Where necessary, we will fight and keep fighting until our clients receive their just entitlements.

  • Integrity

    Trust is a word that is often bandied about without much regard for its significance. For us at Zande Law, Trust means confidence in the outcome of an as yet undetermined event. For us at Zande Law, we understand that this trust from our clients must be earned, it cannot be demanded. Any client of Zande Law can count on every member of our staff operating to absolute truth and wherever we can to explaining the “why” things are one way or another so our clients can have the comfort of a reasonable understanding of things as opposed to mere blind faith.

  • Service

    Keeping you informed, keeping it simple, showing kindness and respect and staying attentive and responsive. Our clients are paying us to solve their problems or prevent them from happening, not to compound or create them.

  • Proactive/Foresight

    There is an old saying that every knot was once straight rope. In many problem or potential problem scenarios, the resolution depends on not only knowing the answers to give but the questions to ask. By correctly recognising the problem, or potential problem, solutions which solve or at the very least significantly minimise or otherwise avoid the problem altogether can often become self-evident and relatively easy to implement.

  • Value

    Some desired outcomes are driven by concepts of principle or emotional wellbeing of our clients or their loved ones. Other outcomes are about money. In reality, to varying degrees, every outcome holds a bit of both.Whether the issue concerns matters of the wallet or the heart, our focus is that every dollar a client spends with us is harnessed with the responsibility to bring about a resolution to those issues as soon as possible and at the lowest possible cost. To achieve this, our clients can be assured that they will always be receiving maximum effort for maximum outcome and effect a reasonable fee.