Announcing Zande Law’s Charity For 2018 “The Common Good”

Zande Law’s Charity for 2018

Every year we at Zande Law seek out a charity worthy of support for the coming year. In past year the charities have included the Redcliffe Hospital Foundation, Young Care, an orphanage service in China and disaster relief for earth quake victims in Tibet. This year we are staying local and have selected – “The Common Good” (The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation).

We are very excited to be a part of this initiative which is doing world class research in cardio, lung and  bones disease.

With the support of our clients and staff, our donation so far this year is pledged at $2,600 with the hope of raising more money as the year progresses.



Like all charities, awareness is almost as important as money and with that in mind we will be receiving and passing onto our clients updates from TCG about what work they are doing throughout the year with the financial support they receive. The work is fascinating, and we trust you will find it very interesting, read more…